Reformatting Question

I bought a Sansa e260R a couple of months ago.  I used the 2-month free Rhapsody trial and decided I don’t like Rhapsody.  Can I reformat my e260R to be just a normal e260?  Is there anything special I need to be aware of (e.g., do I need to remove all the programs from my PC that loaded upon installation)?


Yes you can remove the software from your PC.

I think your Rhapsody files will ‘expire’ but you can just remove them and load regular mp3s??

I’m not sure if you can reformat to a ‘regular’ e260.

You can’t really change from a R to a regular. Rhapsody has its own partition on the player, that can’t be touched. You can delete the content from the player and such. Rhapsody channels will always be there as its part of the system’s firmware, but wont have anything in it. A simple format of the player and you’ll be rhapsody free and good to go