What makes a sansa an R version

i.e. Rapsody.  Is that hard coded in the flash memory?

The old e200 series Sansa player had a Rhapsody or ‘R’ version. it had slightly different hardware thant the regular ones.

Do you have a question or reason for asking?.

I swapped out a flash drive from an R version and it’s an R in the new player.  I’m kinda sure the new player was not an R.

The hardware is actually identical, its just the firmware on the flash chip. So if you swap flash chips, the new player will become an ‘R’, or if you flash the regular firmware the ‘R’ will become a regular player.

I see,  Is there a way of getting rid of it.  Don’t use Rap.

Yeah you can convert it. I don’t remember the steps exactly, IIRC you need to use e200tool to load a regular firmware into RAM and then use it to flash over the ROM. Check google, i’m sure guides exist.


Can someone post a good tutorial on this please? I was looking to Do this but I’m too afraid that I mess things up.

Why bother? Just use it as any other player; in other words, just don’t use Rhapsody subscription service.