In Rhapsody my sandisk is saying e200r and I have a e260r series

I can’t tranfered channels over. How can you help me?

I’m not sure I understand your question. The e200 is a “series” of players of which the ‘R’ or Rhapsody versions have an additional chip inside to handle the subscription tracks. The only difference in the model numbers is the amount of internal memory size within the player.

e250 = 2GB

e260 = 4GB

e270 = 6GB

e280 = 8GB

If your question is how to transfer Rhapsody tracks to your player, 1.) you must sign up for Rhapsody service and 2.) download their software and use it to transfer the DRM-encrypted tracks/channels to your device. They should have complete instructions on how to do it.

Here’s a quick check: turn on your e200 and see if the dual splash screens appear, first the SanDisk one, and then Rhapsody.  Another check is to navigate to Settings > Info and read the firmware version.  If it ends in three digits, as in for example, you have a rhapsody Sansa.

Since its debut in 2006, the Rhapsody e200 Sansa offered some really cool capabilities, supporting RAX format DRM and the Rhapsody Channels.  Even the display fonts were improved from the base e200.

The next generation Sansas debuted with the Clip, and the e200v2 series.  Both of these employed the new Austria Microsystems processor, and new capabilities.  Rhapsody began a new system, the RhapPFS platform, where (as the name suggests) the Windows Plays For Sure DRM system was added. The new system allowed simpler incorporation of the Rhapsody system into a larger pool of devices.  With RhapPFS, once you subscribe to the service and authorize a new Sansa, the Rhapsody Channels function magically appears in the main menu. This is getting a little long-winded, but this background will be of help with your R-series Sansa.  The DRM platform from Rhapsody, spun off from Real Networks, is going through a change, sadly.

Your player can connect in one of two modes, Rhapsody or Plays For Sure.  These modes are currently known as MSC and MTP , respectively.  MTP / PFS modes support DRM or protected media. 

Now as a Rhapsody subscriber, you may see the strange issue at this point.  Your Rhapsody media is currently being transferred in Rhapsody / MSC mode.  This is because the license for the media is resident on the device itself, and not within the individual tracks.  This makes transfer faster.  Your player supports the current PFS DRM system as long as you (counterintuitively) switch to Plays For Sure mode and authorize the device.

Rhapsody is, sadly, letting RAX format go the way of the dodo.  This is for several reasons, the biggest ones being that the list of supported devices is a short one, and they want server space, consolidating all media to one format. I guess that maintaining duplicates in RAX format is a headache on their end.  My gut feeling is traffic- they are adding a zillion new mobile phone customers, adding to the demands of the system.

Unfortunately,I don’t have an R Sansa handy currently to test.  You will  have to switch to Plays For Sure for the service, but there is one big hitch, the Rhapsody Channels feature on your R Sansa.  It is not supported in the generic Plays For Sure mode on your machine.  The Rhapsody Channels is arguably the coolest feature of the subscription service, as it takes advantage of the subscription nature of Rhapsody,  you can conveniently add new music to your personal favorites by a single key click on your device, even flag the track for purchase if desired.

Ironically, those purchased tracks are yours, completely free of DRM issues, as high bit rate MP3 format media.

In PFS mode, rather than 120 kb/s RAX format, you get 160 kb/s WMA format, which sounds great, very clean.  If only the Channels capability would be possible.  Sadly, the development cycle of the e200R is long at an end, so I doubt development of the RhapPFS platform will be available for either the basic e200v1 series or the e200R, but it would be a wonderful thing if implemented.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Rhapsody support, after two days of waiting, has confirmed this. See text of chat below. Interesting, Rhapsody blames Sansa and Sansa blames Rhapsody. It’s more a question of changing technologies with the consumer paying the price – figuratively and litterally.

Chat Dialog
Mae Rafailes: Hi, my name is Mae Rafailes. How may I help you?
Pete Takash: My Sansa e280R cannot license tracks. It authorizes but tracks are grayed out when the MP3 player is disconnected. I have went through all steps outlined … simple and advanced … during the past three weeks all to no avail.
Pete Takash: I have an email support thread that I can provide that lists all that I’ve done in detail.
Mae Rafailes: I’m sorry if you are having trouble updating the licenses.i’ll help you
Mae Rafailes: Can I have that Email please so I could check
Pete Takash: Incident: 120419-001762
Mae Rafailes: Thank you.One moment please I’ll check the previous contacts
Mae Rafailes: I’m still checking the incident for you
Pete Takash: Still here
Mae Rafailes: The songs that you are trying to update the license are those from rhapsody?
Pete Takash: Yes.
Mae Rafailes: I see
Pete Takash: Anything I download to my MP3 player when it is in Rhapsody mode is greyed out when the player is disconnected. Anything downloaded in Plays For Sure mode works fine. But that mode does not let me access my SD card or listen to Rhapsody channels when the player is disconnected.
Mae Rafailes: Okay.I’ll check on this
Pete Takash: There used to be a “dot” along the bottom of the screen that would turn from green to yellow to red as the 30-day clock on licensing ticked down. Now that “dot” is gone and, no matter how many times I try to license the tracks, I receive the following message: “his device needs to have the track licenses updated. Click the ‘Update Track Licenses’ button below. Updating Sansa e200R Rhapsody. Please do not disconnect. Updating Sansa e200R Rhapsody. Please do not disconnect. Failed to License Sansa e200R Rhapsody. Error info ( Additional Info not available )”
Mae Rafailes: Have you tried to format your device?
Pete Takash: Yes. Several times. Not just the format on the Rhapsody software menu but starting from scratch with an empty device loaded freshly with the most-current firmware.
Mae Rafailes: I see…Since you have gone through the steps like formatting the device but still unable to update track license.I’ll escalate this to our level 2 support.
Pete Takash: Thanks. What exactly does that mean?
Mae Rafailes: I will escalate this case to our higher support,for you to be better assisted.
Pete Takash: Appreciate that.
Mae Rafailes: Your welcome
Mae Rafailes: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Mae Rafailes has disconnected.
Brooklyn has joined the chat.
Brooklyn: Hi, my name is Brooklyn. How may I help you?
Pete Takash: Have you read the thread so far?
Brooklyn: Give me few minutes of your time to review your previous chat session.
Pete Takash: No problem
Pete Takash: Let me know when you’re ready.
Brooklyn: Thanks for your time and patience.
Brooklyn: Am I correct in understanding that you are unable to update the tracks license on your device.
Pete Takash: Correct.
Brooklyn: Thanks for the confirmation.
Brooklyn: From when you are experiencing this issue?
Pete Takash: Device always gets authorized but track licenses – when in Rhapsody mode – never get licensed.
Pete Takash: Everything worked fine until me account was cancelled – not by me or a member of my family – on Feb. 25. Since then, tracks won’t license.
Brooklyn: You meant to say that you are unable to update the licence on Rhapsody mode. Am I correct?
Pete Takash: Correct
Pete Takash: Plays for Sure mode works fine
Brooklyn: As you are using the Sansa R device you will need to use the Play for sure mode to access your device with Rhapsody. Since these models are older sansa has stopped providing the firmware for this device.
Brooklyn: Now it is recommended to use the Play for sure mode instead of Rhapsody mode.
Pete Takash: So, the channel feature is kaput on these older devices as the DRM implementation is no longer supported by Rhapsody’s servers. Is that correct?
Brooklyn: Pete, I can understand your concern. As I told you that Sansa has stopped releasing the firmware for these models. To fix the issues, the only option is for you to update the firmware. This is the reason I told you like this. Except this Rhapsody doesn’t have any control over Sansa support boundaries.
Brooklyn: Even this issue isn’t from Rhapsody. I apologize for the inconvenience caused.
Pete Takash: I understand that, and I’m not complaining. I realize this is an older device. Two things here, though. First, there is a change at Rhapsody because RAX files are no longer suppported and RAX was crucial to the DRM on Sansa Rhapsody devices. Second, put the info about using Plays For Sure mode in your FAQ so people can easily find out that Rhapsody mode is no longer supported on these older players.
Brooklyn: I know this can be very frustrating on your part. I will take this issue has a feedback and I will go ahead and forward this to appropriate team.
Pete Takash: I appreciate that. Thanks for your help.
Brooklyn: You are welcome.
Brooklyn: Thank you for your understanding and patience in this regard.
Brooklyn: Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Pete Takash: Nope. That’s it. Thanks.
Brooklyn: Thank you for using Rhapsody Live Chat. It was a pleasure assisting you, and I hope you were satisfied with the experience!