Different model numbers question.

Hello, I am considering buying Clip+ locally (Poland) but I notice that the product code is different than in, say, Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon.co.uk number is SDMX18R-004GK-E57 and the one offered locally is SDMX18-004GK-E57.

Now I wonder what does the “R” part in the first section mean and whether it even matters. Does it have anything to do with, I don’t know, volume restrictions or something? Anyone knows? Thanks in advance. Speaking of volume limits, is it bad on this player?

I wonder if the R stands for radio.  Does the version located locally say that it includes the FM radio?

As to voulme restriction, you can avoid it via the firmware, by selecting the worldwide (not Europe) version when you install the latest firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum for the latest).

Yes, the locally distributed model has a radio so that’s probably not it.

It’s probably nothing important but consumer electronics is a bloody minefield, I’d rather ask a question too many. Thanks for the firmware assurance, figured as much, Europe regulations are evil.

Ok, my Clip+ arrived and it is SDMX18R-004GK-E57 after all. So it was probably just error in the listings, if anyone is curious. Enjoying the player, it is quite wonderful. Loud for it’s size too, I mean, I felt pain on max settings, so can’t complain there :smiley: