Problem with my new sansa clip

I got a sansa clip & I am wondering if anyone else has an issue with these things that I have !- music isn’t loud at all & 2 it doesn’t pick up well at all with its built in antenna. Any suggestions before I send it back. Thanks in advance. I cant seem to find one like I had a year ago. I’m frustrated because i use it to cut grass & just to not hear anyone else to be by myself. If you know what i mean. :slight_smile:

What model of Clip is it, (original) Clip, Clip+ or Clip Zip?

Do you live in or set the “region” on the player to Europe? There is a mandated volume restriction for this region. You can get around it by resetting the factory defaults (Settings > System Settings menu) and choosing another area like US or Rest Of World.

There is a Volume option (also in the Settings menu) of Normal and High. Make sure it is set to High.

As far as radio reception goes, the head/earphone cord doubles as the FM antenna. A longer cord may help as well as making sure the cord isn’t all balled up somewhere between the unit and your ears (like tucked inside your clothing).

I can understand your frustration with it to cut the grass. It’s hard to sharpen the little blade. :stuck_out_tongue:

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All I know it’s a clip +…

I will check that again but i did check the posts about that issue & done that but I’ll try it again.  Thanks. will get back with the prognosis of that again.  I will check the cord. And I will double check the volume settings again. If I can get these issues resolved this is pretty neat. Yep the blades need to get sharpened a little…LOLOL!! That’s a good one my friend. Thanks again, Harley123