e280 vs e280R

I thought I bought an e280, but the back says e280R.

I do not care about the “R” version, and I going to Europe for 18+days.  I would like to be able to tune in to the Euro FM band.

Can I reformat and instal the e280 firmware for Europe?  I do not care to go back to the “R” version, as I only use it for Audible files (albeit, converted to MP3) as the salesperson claimed it worked with MP3 (mea culpa for lack of due diligence).

So… can I turn this puppy into a pure e280?


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just cuz its says R on the back, doesnt meant it is.

Check the firmware version, if it ends in .165 its rhapsody player. If its .18a its a regular e200 (and should have fm radio if purchased in hte states)

And no, SanDisk does not support going from rhapsody version to regular. Although I have seen internet rumors stating otherwise.

Othersites claim to be able to switch from the europe version of non-radio to the version that DOES include the radio feature.

Hi Enigma…

I’m taking the system out of the drawer for a spin, after it went into the shop for a stuck in a loop and “white screen” syndrome.

I think my original purchasse was in fact a plain non Rhapsody version (which is what I wanted!), yet the packaging and the markings on the units said Rhapsody and e280R.

The replacement unit Sandisk sent me is the same, but now boots up with Rhapsody all over, and the memory was filled with “oodles” of what I see as junk music - and promptly deleted, 'nuff said.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the unit’s software is worse that my original e280.

When I load books on the system, they get strewn all over the place, odd files get created, and accessabilty to the books is very difficult.  It has a mind of it’s own, and gets confused and re-organizes the folders to it’s liking… obviouly going on line to look for book covers <vbg>, or monitoring what I read (1984 .or. Fahrenheit 451??)

Soooo… I’ve searched the 'Net on how to re-firmware the product, with nil results… have you any hints???

Somethimes I think this is a Chinese plot to sap the energy and waste time … <vbg>.

I now use an Olympus DS-Series system which is great, but the storage capacity is low, and it does not have a slot for memory cards.

Else, maybe I’ll place it on Craigslist or eBay <vbg>


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