SanDisk Cruzer Contour 8GB, U3 and XP/W7 compatibility.

Hi Guys

I have a SanDisk Cruzer Contour 8GB which works fine on my retrofitted XP pro laptop (still see no reason to wind it forward yet!)including the use of the U3 security software. However with the march of time more machines that I use are Windows 7 and the drive will not operate on Windows 7.  What is the easiest way to upgrade both the drive and the security software?  And once done will the drive operate on both XP and Windows 7?

Thanks in advance


U3 the security software has been discontinued. sandisk suggests uninstalling it. if you need password protection there is a stickied post at the top of this board for secureaccess which is their current password protection solution. 

The 1,6,1,1 version of U3 runs on XPand Win 7 for me.

What is the most easiest way in upgrading both the drive and the security software? I’m just confused.

Follow the instructions shown here:

U3 Launchpad update for Windows 7