SanDisk Clip Sport Plus and Audible AGAIN

I have a SanDisk Clip Sport Plus, Firmware 2.09. It’s new. I loaded an Audible aa formated Format 4 file through the Audible Manager. I activated the SanDisk. Audible Manager sees the file on the Sport. Everything in audible seems ok.

When I go to the Audible folder on the Sport, the file is there. But when I click on it to play I get “File format not supported”.

What do I need to do to get the Clip[ Sport Plus to see the file and play it? 

Any suggestions would be helpful.



the clip sport plus only support Audible enhanced format .aax. see the link below. Also there is a board for the clip sport plus so this post may be moved to the correct board.

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice supported audio/music formats
 AA / AAX (audible) (Clip Sport Plus/Voice Audible Enhanced Audio .aax) (Clip Sport/Jam Format 4 and Audible Enhanced Audio .aax)
 AAC / M4A (Files up to 15 mins in length)
 FLAC (16 bit)
 Ogg Vorbis
 WMA (DRM free)

NOTE: Clip Sport Plus/Sport/Jam/Voice supports audiobooks obtained from Audible and DRM free Audiobooks only.