Audible Files on SanDisk Clip Sport Plus will not play

I lost my clip plus, then bowered my husband’s sport clip to listen to my audible books.  Everything was fine.  My husband gave me a new SanDisk Clip Sport Plus for Mother’s Day.  I activated it on my Audible account and transferred books to it.  Everything looked great on the audible manger, but the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus will not show the books in the book directory.  They are in the root directory and will not play from there.  The clips get worse with every new release!  Going to try to move the files by looking at the old one and comparing it to the new.

I did the firmware update.  That was real old school: surprised I did not need a floppy.

Call Audible. I have found them to be very helpful even with an mp3 player