Clip Sport

Hi first post so bear with me if I don’t get it right

Like many I have use Clip+ and Zip for Audible books for years and love them really don’t want any thing touch screen as like the click buttons as I can pause rewind etc so Apple was out, a lot of other player are not compatible with Audible so went for the sport, only one USB mode couldn’t get to work with Audible download manager tried all the advise on the internet to no avail. No luck with audible who remotely managed my computed to change settings. Today got this email from Audible.

Dear Valued Customer,

You’ve recently contacted Audible regarding an issue you are experiencing with AudibleManager not recognizing that your SanDisk Clip Sport is connected to your computer. We’re so sorry about the trouble you’ve been experiencing with Audible and your Clip Sport.

We’ve been working with SanDisk to identify the root cause of the issue and believe that we have identified this. The issue appears to be a bug in the firmware on the device. The firmware is what makes the device function. SanDisk is working on creating a fix and releasing a new firmware for your device. While we don’t have an exact date as to when this will be available, we will provide you with an update as soon as it is.

Thanks for your patience while we work with SanDisk to get this fixed