SanDisk clip sport error

I can’t transfer anything on my SanDisk clip sport mp3 player my computer won’t read or write anything on it please help 

 It charges but won’t transfer I tried all my cables please help

You can format the players internal storage and also the SD card from the Settings menu. That wipes the data, but should also return the storage to a healthy state. Settings -> System Settings -> Format

Maybe that helps.

How formatting the player helps the transfer issues

Formatting my device did not work for the transfer issues

How about providing a bit more info? What happens? What does not happen? At what stage? any error messages? Not everyone can read minds You know.

My SanDisk clip sport has a shortage in its charge/transfer port please help

If that’s a fact, then there’s no quick fix unless there’s an obvious object causing the shortage.

You should contact the reseller(if possible) for a repair/exchange/refund.