please help

Hello All,

Please excuse me as I’m a bit of a pc noob. But I got my san disk sport in the mail yesterday new from amazon. I opened it and plugged it into my pc where all of my mp3’s are stored… it would NOT allow me to transfer music to it. It said that there was an error and had to be fixed.   Windows gave me the option to fix it and after I clicked ok it said that there were no errors.

So I had to fight it a little to get 2 songs on it. Mind you I scan my pc regularly at home and the shop i deal with and have yet to have any virus’s or malkware…Knock on wood.   But now its saying FILE SYSTEM ERROR… RESTART THE DEVICE OR FORMAT TO RECOVERY.  

It wont do anything.   I have so much music on my pc… But im to the point now where im ready to just go through Itunes and just rebuy it all to put it on my phone… this slipsport would be better for the Harley… I just plug it in and drive…when im done i could just leave it in the bike…

any help would be highly appreciated.   Thanks in advance.

What version of Windows are you using?   Maybe try all the possble USB ports on your computer?

Are you using Windows File Explorer to copy and paste your audio files into the Music folder (or subfolders) on your Clip Sport?

Here is a link to the instruction manual for the Clip Sport.

I have tried to format this thing a 100 times after reading how to do it.   its UNABLE to be formatted?  Says Windows was unable to format… Same error  I followed the directions…  Im lost at this point…

Really sorry you are having so much trouble getting started with your new Clip Sport.

You should not have experienced the file system error problem and you should not have needed to format the device.

I think you should request a return authorization from Amazon. They have really convenient and no cost package return procedures.   I think you should look into a different brand of player that is easier to use.

       (Maybe iPod Shuffle since you mentioned using iTunes?)

Use the original data cable provided with the device.