Sandisk Clip Sport plus skipping "Transferring" going straight to "Charging"


When I plug my almost brand new Clip Sport Plus into my computer, it says “Transferring” then that flashes, then it goes right to “Charging” and never shows up at an external disk.

I have transferred many songs to is over the last few months, this is a new problem.

I have tried several different USB cables, and two different computers.  Both Windows 10.

There are no issues with Device Management.  No yellow triangles.

I have tried the RegEdit, remove VID_0781 solution.  This does not solve the problem.

Any ideas are welcome.  Thank you!

Here are a few suggestions. Hopefully your Clip Sport Plus will return to good behavior !!

  1. I always use the original micro USB cable that came with my player for transferring files with a computer. Most of my random dollar store type cables are not capable or cause transferring errors.

  2. When I connect my Clip Sport to my computer, the player screen turns On and then begins to alternately display “Transferring” and “Charging”. After a minute (?) the display just shows “Charging”.

  3. After you connect your player, use Windows File Explorer to discover your device below the section “This PC”

    If you see the player, right-click on the device name. Then left-click on Properties. Then left-click on the Tools tab. Then select “Check” in the Error checking section.

Maybe report back here with your progress.

Here’s a weird thing.  I was able to get it to work, transfer perfectly, but only with a $1 cheapie cable pluggied into my laptop.  I’ve never used my laptop for transferring to the SanDisk before.

Using that cable on my workstation, no good.  No other cable seems to work.

Somewhat solved, but I have no idea what went wrong, or why this particular combination works, when all others did not.

I learned from reading this Forum that the front USB ports on some Desktop PCs exhibit less reliable connection and data transfer than the rear USB ports.  Maybe test this idea on your workstation?

This happened to me too a few weeks back. I kept unplugging it and replugging it, trying to get it to work. Then I left the room for half an hour, and when I came back it was connected.

Apparently the problem just resolves itself if you leave it plugged in for a while. Or at least it did for me. Incredibly annoying when it happens, but at least it doesn’t seem to happen again so quickly after the problem is resolved once.