Help my MP3 wont connect

Hello, I am new to this forum but I have a problem.
I have a Sandisk Clip Sport plus and it won’t connect to my Dell computer with windows 10!

I plug it in, (using the cable it came with) it makes the little bing sound Windows makes when you connect something, the screen says “Transferring” and then a few seconds later it makes the disconnect noise and disconnects. Without ever fully connecting in the first place. (So I can actually load or remove things.) I’ve fidgeted with the cable, I’ve restarted my computer, nothing works I’m very confused.

I’ve had this thing for maybe like 3 months now and it’s worked fine; and I know it’s not an issue with our computer or software or cord bc my little sister has the same device and hers works fine. And she and our brother (who has a different player) both use my cord.

On top of this, my player takes quite a while to load the media after first booting up. like 3 whole minutes after selecting something to play. Usually it takes so long my player times out and the screen falls asleep. Then I turn it back on and it works fine, but this is still quite annoying. XD Please help of you can! Thank you.

Mine has the same issue. I’ve just decided to buy a 32GB Clip Sport Plus instead of trying to fix it. Besides, the 32GB version is cheaper than the 16GB version on Amazon!

I already have the 32g :joy: That’s the one that broke :sweat:

Best thing you can do is just buy a new one. Most of the time, the driver is either outdated or the schematic is damaged in such a way that the system does not recognise a PC-MP3 connection. In either case, just buy another one.