not recognized on win 10

So a week or two ago. my mp3 player just would not turn on. thought it was dead or no charge. I was in the middle of doing the RMA form and then it just booted up with nearly full battery. I thought then it was just maybe no charge on the battery but didn’t know why it did not show it was charging at all. Then it just worked like normal with no issues.

Anyways, so past couple days I got some new music I would like to add to it. Although, my PC will not recognize it is connected to my PC. It charges when it is plugged in, but does not see it in file explorer. It is the same for my wife’s computer.

I have tried restoring to factory settings and formated the device. neither have worked so far. I have tried updating my usb ports and such from device manager.

I have not had any lucky obviously otherwise i would not be posting. Any help would be appriciated

Use the correct connecting cable (charging + data)