Accidental formatted player.


I try to format  sd card using my clip sport as a card reader.

Accidentally i format my player instead of card.
Now when i try turn on player i see the words: File system error! Restart the device or format to recovery.
If anyone knows how can i fix that?
Thanks in advance for all responses.

File system needs to be FAT32 AFAIK, so if you formatted it as anything else you’ll have to reformat it back.

It’s best to use the Sport’s own formatting tool, so you’re on the safe side – if the player allows it in its now state. Settings > System Settings > Format.

Hi 4gr, any updates so far if formatting this again via FTA32 solve this for you?

I noticed when that my clip sport, out of the box, was formatted as a super-floppy. It was not formatted as hard drives are, with partitions, but as one large disk. Using the player's own format option partitioned the disk creating a separate partition (drive) for the user files and configured that with the "expected" files and directories (such as the \MUSIC directory). That probably keeps the OS protected, away from the user partition. If you can use the player's own menus to reach its formatting command use that. If not ... well, SanDisk support suggested I reformat the drive using Windows since when I got it it had a corrupt file system. That was probably wrong. Luckily I was on Linux and could not follow their directions so they suggested that I use the player's own formatting command instead. It is probably not a good idea to format it until you run the player's formatting command to partition it first so you only have access to the user partition/directory. It is probably a good idea to back up the free stuff on the player (if you want it) and any stuff you added and use the player's formatting command when you start with it and only use the player's own formatting command. Almost every USB stick I have ever used came partitioned (one came as a super-floppy - so I partitioned that myself with one big partition). So ... I hope you can access the player's own formatting command