SanDisk Clip Sport doesn't recognize format?

Hello all,

I must start by saying that I am not as technically knowledgeable as all of you seem to be.  I just bought a little player so that I could listen to my music and audiobooks anywhere.  I used windows media player to download my ripped cd’s to the SD card, but now it gives me an error every time I select one “File Format not suppported!” and then it may or may not play the song?

I read in one of these posts that perhaps the memory card I bought is too fast.  So I bought a slower one (Pixtor 32 GB up to 48 MB/s)  and that didn’t change anything.

Can anyone recommend the proper 32GB memory card to use with this device?

thank you - K.

I don’t think this has anything to do with the SD card.

What format are the files in?  Maybe its not supported.