Clip sport is not working properly after uploading new songs


I uploaded new songs into a friend’s Sandisk Clip Sport.

I don’t know what went wrong but it’s not working now:

  1. When I start it, I see the Sandisk language and then receive a weird message in Thai (instead of English or Hebrew that were defined before):

error message

After a few seconds the device is shutting down. None of the keys is responding.

  1. When I connect the player to my PC, I have access to all libraries.

Please help, I need to bring this one back to my friend ina working condition.

I tried to reset it, clicked on the button in the center for 20 seconds - it didn’t help.

Thank you

Did you try holding down the power button for at least 30 seconds, then try to restart the player again? 

Did you insert or remove a card while the player was on? A card should only be inserted or removed when the 

player is off. What format were the songs that you put on the player? If there is a  card in the player, is it class 4 or slower? Sandisk players often have issues with cards faster than class 4. If there is a card in the player, did you try turning the player off, removing the card, then restarting the player?

Did you try manually reloading the latest firmware? 

Give us more detailed information.