sandisk doesn't work with memory card


I’ve a problem and I would appreciate it immensely if you could help me.

I use a 4GB sandisk for music, and also a 8 GB memory card.

But recently, the music player doesn’t work at all with the memory card added to it. It doesn’t even respond and is just frozen. Also, the computer doesn’t recoginze the music player and the memory card at all. Without the memory card, it works just fine.

Obviously I thought there was some problem with the memory card, so I bought a new one, but the same problem keeps reoccuring: the player doesn’t work with the memory stick added to it.

what should I do? what can I do?

Could you please help me solve this problem?

many thanks in advance,


You didn’t say what model player you have, but since you posted in the Clip Sport board, I’ll assume that’s what it is. Also given that assumption, the Sport is new enough that it would still be under warranty.

I would either return it to wherever you bought it from (if you are still within their return time frame) or contact SanDisk Tech Support directly about a possible warranty replacement. :wink:

thank you for your reply! :slight_smile: