Sandisk 16GB Cruzer USB Flash Drive stoped working

Was working fine across a number of PCs (mix of XP and Win 7)

Is now not recognised properly on any PCs.

Symptoms : Plug into USB, flashes red as usual, two drive letters briefly appear (flash up in explorer and then go too quickly to see detail, but have verified using fsutil dos command that two drive letters assigned then dissappear), unable to access u3 or data volume.

Have tried checking for warnings in device manager, uninstalling drivers, checked from drive letter conflicts etc… to no avail.

Only thing I can think of is cleared some space by tidying up root folder on data volume.

Not sure if related to removal of these files on data volume? (Which would imply might be a way to recover.) Or is a hardware fault?

Any thoughts? (or hope for recovery?!) Any way to stop u3 from trying to run if that might be part of problem?

Oh, and same thing happens in Disk Manager. Drives briefly appear (the u3 volume appearing as CD-ROM, the data volume showing ‘No Media’) then dissapear there too.

this is a hardware issue. it will need to be replaced. 

Are there any companies that offer data recovery off these kind of sticks?

Also do these cruzers come with a guarantee? (Seem to remember Sandisk SD cards coming with one.)

Stick is 13 months old. for warranty support

data recovery try