Hi all, I have a Sandisk Cruzer U3 Smart USB drive micro 1gb. It has personal pics and documents on it. I have recently tried to access it but as soon as I insert it into the laptop (which isnt mine) it just flashes orange for approx 1 second then a notification says that there has been a failure. The drive has a password on it. Is there any way in which I can recover the stuff from it? solve this problem? does anyone know of any software that could help me as to be honest the stuff which is on there cannot be replaced, so I am absolutely devastated and am really hoping someone can help me. I am not computer savvy either so please bear that in mind…thanking you all in advance.


  1. Reboot the pc then try the U3 flash drive.

  2. Open the U3 CD drive in Windows Explorer, RIGHT click on LaunchU3.exe, and set it’s Compatibility Mode to XP SP2.  Then dbl click on the .exe.

You mention the laptop you’re inserting the drive in is not yours. You also might try connecting it with the computer it was known to work with.

set it’s Compatibility Mode to XP SP2

No!  Sorry, part of that sentence got overlaid.  Set the Compatibility Mode to Vista SP2 or XP SP3.  That works for U3 on my Windows 7 & 8 64-bit machines.

Compatibility Mode => RIGHT click on LauchU3.exe, click on Properties, click on Compatibility tab, click on Run this program in Compatibility mode, select Vista SP2, click on Apply, click on OK.


Hi, thanks so much to both of you for your help/advice but it’s not even saying there is a drive there…on MY COMPUTER it only says c: etc, the usual but nothing relating to my failed device…what am I going to do? I’m really annoyed to be honest. the laptop it did work with was lost when I moved…surely there has to be some software available for when this sort of thing occurs?

Are you saying the U3 CD drive isn’t showing also?  Even after waiting a minute?  On my old desktop U3 takes a bit to show up.

I use my U3 flash drives on many different machines and different OSs including Windows XP, 7 32-bit, 7-64-bit, and 8-64-bit.  A U3 flash drive is not limnited to one machine.

Hi Ricky, how’s this doing for you? it could be possible that the Windows driver got corrupted here, although it’s just a small possibility. 

I would suggest to plug this in on a different computer and see if makes a difference.