My SanDisk Cruzer 2GB Micro (U3 Smart) cannot work properly!?

After formatting, the LPInstaller.exe(used to install U3 Launchpad) did not recognize my U3 device as a U3 Smart device! Please help.

Why do you think the device is a U3 Smart device?  Did it have U3 on it before you formatted it?  Does the back of it show the U3 logo?

Yes. It has the U3 Smart logo on its underside.

hmmmm I don’t know then.  I suggest you contact SanDisk tech Support and see what they think the problem is. 

Did you buy it at a reputable place?  It could be counterfeit.  SanDisk hasn’t manufactured U3 drives since 2009.

No, i bought it before 2009.

Why did you format it?  What format was it before, and now?  Does it still have the CD drive built in?  What OS are you running the LPInstaller on?  Where did you get the LPinstaller?