Sandisk cruzer 8gb not recognized (u3)

Hello everyone,

Today I inserted my USB disk on key into the computer and everything was fine. Then I started moving some files at the same time (3, if it matters), and suddenly the DOK stopped working.

Then I reinserted the DOK and windows showed that “find new hardware” dialog, and after choosing to automatically search and install, the computer barely recognize the DOK (it makes a sound and shows a new drive, but not more. I can’t even access that drive, it says it needs to be formatted, and after doing that it says that it couldn’t be formatted successfully).

Also, the LEDS are not illuminating.

I hope you can help. Thanks in advance!

Are you plugging it into a hub or a pc directly?  It could be a power problem.

When you thought it initially had stopped working did you Safely Remove it or did you just yank it out.  If the latter that could explain the need to format problem.  And since it’a a large removable drive Windows won’t allow you to format it.

  1. I’m plugging it into the PC directly.

  2. I couldn’t do a safely remove because it didn’t allow me to (the u3 gave me some error message).

  3. I don’t think its a power problem because other DOKS work fine.

Have you checked your security app/s logs to see if something is blocking it?

No, but after reading your message I disabled anti-virus, firewall and everything and it still doesn’t work…

Well, I checked the DOK in another computer and it didn’t work… I guess it was ruined somehow.

Is there any program or something that can repair it or do I need to replace my DOK?

If your pcs can’t access it it needs to be replaced IMO.  Whether a repair shop can fix it or a recovery service I don’t know.  But if they can it will probably be more expensive than simply replacing it.

i think i took it in safly remove too fast uot

i took the cruzer too fast out , using ‘‘remove safely’’ how can i repair it, thanks!

Try opening a Command Prompt window then running CHKDSK for the drive letter of the writable partition on the USB drive.

If the drive letter for the writable partition is G: run CHKDSK  G: .

In that the U3 partition is non-writable removing too quickly will not harm it.