Sandisk 8gb stop working

Hi all,

Can you help me with my problem about Sandisk cruzer micro 8gb?

I have used it for a while in my car (playing mp3’s on mp3 player with usb support), and yesterday morning I’ve plugged it out, and after that I tried to use it back on mp3 player, but without success. I’ve tried also to use it on my laptop, to format it or to make it work, but without any luck. When I plug it in, for 1 second it gets orange (the orange light), I can hear the sound of “plugged in device” and that’s all. I cannot see it in device manager, in device management, etc. I tried to find some formatting tools, but still without any luck (with all I can see it for 1 second and after that it has is just disappeared). Do you know any specific sandisk format tool? If so, where can I find it? Or, do you know any other way to solve this problem? Thank you

I think you should contact SanDisk Support via phone or Chat. They should be able to help. Sounds like your drive is having some issues which needs to be determined by support for possible Return…

oki, thx for reply; I will chat with one of the technical support.