Rockbox and Firmware Reinstall problems

I was having some trouble with my clipzip reading songs from a SD card so I tried installing rockbox…which then decided to not work right…so I tried reformatting and reinstalling the original firmware. I unzipped the .bin file to the root directory and tired just ejecting it from the computer and letting it sit for a minute. That didn’t work so I wiped again, put a new .bin file, ejected, and tried a reset (hold power for 30 sec, wait, press power again). And nothing changed…I’m getting a file not found error, which just goes to a black screen and “plug in usb cable”

Help would be appreciated

You’ve got to boot into the OF (holding the Rew or whatever button it is while booting up) for it to see the .bin file and install the original Sandisk firmware, wiping out the Rockbox bootloader. Otherwise, it will continue to attempt boot into Rockbox (by default by just pressing the power button) and you will continue to see this message.

And, best to ask about the alternate firmware at either or, not at SanDisk’s own website . . . .

I don’t see a problem with asking about Rockbox here . . . there have been many other threads/discussions on it over the years. :wink:

I guess I’m just of the type that thinks, don’t ask about a third-party, unsupported firmware at the original manufacturer’s website . . . .