Rhapsody problem, please help

Hi everyone,

I have a 4GB Clip+ and a current Rhapsody account. As of about a week ago I started getting the “Subscription expired, connect to your PC” message. Of course doing that didn’t change a thing. I have a pretty good idea as to what caused it - apparently my PC had a wrong date set on it when I activated my Rhapsody account, it was set to July something 2010, and the problem started shortly after I corrected that.

I’ve tried every bit of advice I could find here and elsewhere:

formatted the clip from my computer

formatted the clip from the player itself

reverted the clip to factory settings

used the ctrl+shift+right click-> “reset secure clock” trick

deauthorized and reauthorized the device several times

None of it helped.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

You almost have it right, as I see from your post: there’s a little more to go.  Open the Rhapsody 4 client and log in.

After logging in, deauthorize  _the computer _, then reauthorize it.  This is now done automatically with the latest Rhapsody client, I see.  Then plug in your Clip (I see you mentioned that you have a Clip+, but this applies to all Sansas using WMDRM-10 and MTP mode).

While we’re at it, with that Clip plugged in, transfer one song to the device.  This triggers the client to authorize and synchronize the DRM cache.  Be sure to right click on the Clip and authorize it as well.

Next is the biggest step.  I love it when things work, so try unplugging the Clip and see if your account information hass transferred to the device successfully.  Look at the information in Settings > System Settings > Account, and see that your email address displays on the Clip, your Rhapsody account is listed this way.

With the Clip disconnected, on the PC, go to Help > Check For Updates, and download the latest version of the Rhapsody client.  You’ll see some very interesting improvements with the latest build.  RealNetworks has been quite busy improving the experience, and thankfully, this includes a major change to the client: it now works more like a web browser.

With the latest build, the search engine for artists / songs works differently, offering suggestions, rather than the classic “zillion-hit” search.  With the Clip plugged in, there’s a new interface, the main rasson for my recommendation to upgrade.  If there’s a problem with the device authorization, as in when the device ssay :synchronize to continue music subscription, the Clip will be listed with a yellow warning triangle.  If you click on this, note that the client first authorizes the computer, then the device, ensuring that the DRM cache is correct.  This used to be done manually using the “drmclean” utility, a more arduous task.

Let me know how everything goes, and enjoy your new Clip+!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: