Rhaphsody problems

I’m having problems with Rhapsody again, I renewed my subscription and now everything I download says error on it. Happened last month too, but not sure how it got going again. Let’s see, I renewed my license for my clip, deauthorised it and reauthorised, made sure its on autodetect or MTP, formatted it, reset it, reloaded the firmware, updated the Rhapsody program, and I’m not sure what else. Any more suggestions?

Reinstall Rhapsody.


Still doesn’t work, I can go into, Sansa Clip/ Music/ Artist name/ Album name/ then nothing in the next folder

Try this option first: reset the device secure clock by plugging in your Clip.

It will appear in the sources pane as Sansa Clip 2GB for example.  If the descriptor is all in capital letters, the device is in the wrong USB mode, we need MTP Mode.

Hold [Ctrl] [Shift] right-click on the Sansa.  Do you see a new Update Secure Clock option in the menu?  Select this one.

Transfer a few tracks to your Clip and see if there are any errors.

At the top of the screen, click Help > About and see if you have version (the screen will say Rhapsody 4.0 build 4.311).  If you don’t, unplug the Sansa, and click Help > Check for Updates, and let the client update to the latest version.

Next in line is critical:  before repairing anything in the DRM arena, if you have purchased tracks on your hard drive, always burn a backup copy to CD.   You paid for them, they’re yours.  If your PC hiccups, your digital media can go down with the ship, so have backups.

Let us know the status at this point.  Check your PM box for details.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: