odd error message

Hello all.  This is my second post with a problem.  I still haven’t solved my charging problems, still only get a 50% charge after six hours, but at least it works enough to make my daugther happy. 

Problem is, my wonderful in laws bought ME one of these lovely things for christmas.  Thought I got it going, but then I couldn’t get songs to download.  I messed around in Rhapsody and followed all the instructions in the Rhapsody tutorial thread on the Sansa site.   It seemed to work, and I thought I finally got some songs downloaded.  Alas…no.  Now, when I disconnect my player from the computer I get a message saying my subscription has expired and I need to reconnect my player to the PC.  I can’t actually LISTEN to what I’ve downloaded while I’m connected, and it says there are no songs on the player when it’s not connected to the PC. 

And one last thing, there is now an empty circle next to my battery icon when I’m disconnected from the PC.  What have I done, and how do I fix it?

Oh, and my screen name is “illiterati” for a reason, so be gentle.  No condescending street speak that makes me feel more like an idiot than I already do.  Thanks. 

The emptcy circle just means, I believe, that the subscription has expired or similarly.  So that’s the single issue.  Unfortunately, I don’t use Rhapsody, to help you.

Ok…this is what I think you could try since Rhapsody is kinda friendly apps.

  1. Open up your Rhapsody apps & sign in
  2. Click on “My Account” and select “Manage my Accounts” & sign in again to manage your accounts
  3. On the left side, you will see a list of option…choose Authorizations & then deauthorize your computers and devices
  4. Make sure to update your Rhapsody if it’s not already updated
  5. If your device has nothing on it, format it using the Format option under Settings in the device
  6. Restart your computer after upgrade to the latest firmware
    7.After restart, open up your Rhapsody apps again & authorize your computer
  7. Plug in your device and authorize & license it again
  8. If everything works out, try transfer music again to see if the same problem still exists.