I paid for my Rhapsody quarter - Now please give it to me!

I do a lot of traveling for work.  Sometimes I will be gone for 2 - 3 weeks.  I was having a problem with my Clip at first just quitting out of the clear blue for no reason at all and saying “Please sync with computer” or something to that effect.  Good luck with that when I’m thousands of miles away from my home office PC!  Someone told me a way  to fix that and it worked!  Now I actually can take my Sansa Clip and actually use it for more than 4 days without getting that stupid message.  But here’s the latest problem:  Now it’s telling me to “Upgrade your subscription in 7 days (6 days) (5days) etc.”  What’s up, Rhapsody?  I paid for a 3 month subscription, so please honor it.  Why am I getting this message when I still have at least a month or two left on the contract?  I’m in a hotel right now thousands of miles from home and I am down to getting the message that says “Please update subscription in 2 days.”  Is this think going to shut down on me again for no reason in 2 days?

i think your question should be directed to rhapsody.

No worries (well, maybe a few worries) !

On your Clip, go to Settings > Account.  Your account ID should pop up.  Then scroll down, and the expiration date will be shown.  This date can get jumbled up if you plug in to charge, and don’t open the Rhapsody 4 client to update the sansa.

I recommend setting Rhapsody to manage your device automatically, if you are a subscriber, as it launches together with the sansa and updates its account in the process.

For now, simply launch Rhapsody, and connect the Clip.  When it appears in the “sources” pand in the upper left, simply right-click on the sansa, and select “license”.

Look in the lower right corner of the window.  It will say "Licensed until (date).  If that date is a few days away, try right clicking on the sansa again, and select “deauthorize”, then do that one more time, selecting “authorize” again.  The date should now be one month in the future.

You can also reset the secure clock as a precaution, if the date gets jumbled: hold [Ctrl] and [Shift] down, then right-click on the sansa again, and the option “reset secure clock” will be available.  Select thay one to be sure that everything is synchronized.

Then have some fun transferring a few songs from the Music Guide!

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: