Rhapsody Message

My SANSA Clip 2MB is getting a message from Rhapsody that I’ve not gotten before.  It’s telling me the track type is not compatible with my devise.  Anyone else gotten that one?  What does it mean?

This seems to be a problem that has recently been occuring.  It is unsure at the moment what the problem is, but usually you should be able to transfer that track again after the problem comes up.  It’s not dependent on any type of music, since all of Rhapsody content are in the same format. For now clear the error message and retry again. it should transfer no problem the second time.  however if you can consistently get the same song to fail over and over with that same error message please post.

I am having the same problem with a Sansa C240.  I’ve tried several times with different songs, but keep getting the “track type not compatible…” message.  I’ve cleared the error messages and tried again, but I keep getting the same error message.  This just started happening today (7/6/08).  Have had the player since Dec 07.  Any ideas?