Rhapsody and Sansa Express

Been having a problem lately with my Sansa Express and Rhapsody To Go. I can copy tracks to the device but at some point I start getting and error on every track that says the track type is not compatible with my portable device. At that point no tracks will copy no matter what I try.

Here is the odd thing. If I continue to try to copy tracks I get the error but the player will suddenly disconnect and reconnect, you even hear the Windows sounds. Once that happens Rhapsody cannot see the tracks that were copied to it before but it does see that space is used. The only resolution is to format the player and try again.

Don’t know if it is a Rhapsody problem but it is starting to look like a player issue. I have a 2GB Sandisk Micro SD card in.


I don’t know if you’ll get much more success here than you are getting on the Real forums. :smiley:

I don’t use Rhapsody so I can’t offer much help. But, attached is a link to generic Rhapsody instructions from the general forum FAQs.


If this doesn’t help, you might try the Rhapsody website for help as JeffGeorge suggested.

Yeah, Rhapsody isn’t much help really so I thought maybe someone out here has had the same problem. Looks like I am on my own.