reversed song order - what the?

I just got a fuze+, and have a couple of albums (voice recordings I have made with other devices) with 125 and 47 files in them respectively.  For some reason the songs are listed in reverse alphabetical order (ie y, w at the top, and b, a at the bottom).  All other albums, some with several hundred files (and many from the same other devices) are in the right order.  I can’t seem to fix it. 

All files are track 0, as in other albums, and same Artist.  WMP lists them properly in alphabetical order.  I’ve tried deleting it from the fuze and resyncing, and still the same problem.

What could be causing it, and what can I do to put them in the proper order? 

You can correct the track order with MP3Tag, just use the Auto Numbering Wizard.  That should fix your files nicely.

UPDATE: if you are looking for the MP3Tag download, it’s found via the download menu on the linked page…or right here.

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thanks for the reply. I’ll try it.  That answers what I can do, but not why it’s happening only to those albums…anyone?

The Fuze+ sorts your tracks based upon the ID3 tag information.  Having an onjective look at this metadata is easier with a utility like MP3Tag, since the repair can only be done on the PC side of the equation.  Remember, it’s best to correct the group of desired files, delete them from the Fuze (the old ones), then transfer a repaired set to the device.

It is possible to correct them on the device, but we’re crossing our fingers on that database refresh, hoping that the old information is cleared.  By doing everything on the PC, then retransferring, you’ll always have a correct set on hand for the future.

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Bob: I installed the Mp3tag software, read the excellent docs, auto numbered the files in each problem directory, deleted them off the device (though I did not delete them from WPM library), re-synced, and the files on the device in those directories are now (or still) labelled as 1,2,3 in reverse alphabetical order (Y first, A last).  I then saw that WMP still lists all tracks as 0, so I deleted the album, reloaded it, and they’re all still 0.

I just don’t get how one or two sets of files can be opposite to all the others, when there’s nothing intrinsically different in format, naming, whatever?

I sort of solved the problem by just making a temporary playlist, but that’s a workaround.  All these files will be rated / classified and put into various other directories later, so the playlist (and renamed track numbers) will be useless later, and the track numbers will all have to be 0 again, so they don’t get screwed up in the new directories.

I have done all these things and no matter how many times I fix all the tags the Fuze+ sorts them in reverse orger.  This happens weather I sync them with WMP or copy them directly to the disc.

The Fuze handled this perfectly.  Why can’t the Fuze +?

The Fuze+ is a new device from the ground up, and as such, we’ll see some interesting (and sometimes rather crazy) differences in how they work.  I would have solved this by using a different name for it, but as successful and familiar as the Fuze name has been, I understand.

The development cycle of the new device has been very busy indeed.  We’ve had two revisions to the firmware in short order as issues have arrived, and some cool enhancements too.  The original Fuze had some changes in the way tracks are listed, mainly podcasts.

If you poke around a bit, you’ll see that podcasts can be addressed in several interesting ways, BOTH as a playlist in simple order, or the more “formal” method, like albums, with art.  I’m looking at the command sequence for that, as it does involve additional “pokes” of the pad center to open the files.  At least, they can be accessed by either method now.

Don’t worry, I’m sure that the sort order will indeed be “sorted” out in a future firmware update.

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You got that right. I have spent countless hours talking to sansa fuze + techs who have yet to tell me how to avoid my sansa fuze + player insisting on playing movements (tracks) of classical works like symphonies and concertos in reverse order. They are in order on my computer as well as on windows media player playlists but after syncing them to the player, the player insists on displaying them in reserve order. It always displays pop tunes by a specific artist in alphabetical order. That’s ok since these pop songs are not multi movement works. So, I arranged my symphonic works in such a way that the track title was preceded by a letter in consecutive order. ie; Movement I. preceded by an A, movement II. preceded by a B and so forth. I thought I had solved this problem, but the stupid player kept playing the tracks in reverse order. Before I bought this player I was told to get an I Pod because it is much more user friendly. Since I bought my sansa fuze + player along with a 32 GB San Disk micro SD card, I have read some reviews that state that the sansa fuze is a great player but that the + version is riddled with problems. As the addage goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. This sansa fuze + was obviously designed by a MORON. I have written san disk and am asking for my money back for the player as well as the card so I can go and buy something that REALLY works. This is all really STUPID AND ABSURD!!!

What exactly do I click on when I  follow that link? I clicked start download and it downloaded “Driver Performer” which has now made it impossible for me to use Mozilla and I did not see the auto numbering wizard. I appreciate any advice you can give me.


Be careful not to click on any of the ads with Download Here buttons!

What you want is here. The name of the file is


Many thanks. I guess I click right on strat download. Thanks again!

Click on the file name, mp3tagv249setup.exe for the correct link.

Sorry to bother you again. I downloaded the file MP3Tag249 but I cannot get anything to work. Can you please give me step by step instructions on how to do that? Most appreciatiative,


Did you double-click on the mp3tagv249setup.exe  (executable) file after you downloaded it to install it?

I can’t recall. I’ll download it again and try that. Many thanks

@rvw wrote:

I can’t recall. I’ll download it again and try that. Many thanks

Well, if you downloaded it already, there’s no need to do it again. It will be wherever you saved the file (Desktop, Temp folder, etc.).

Just double-click on it to start the installation wizard. It will install itself.

I’m getting the same problem. ID3 tags have song order properly set, file names go like 01, 02, 03 etc. I’ve updated to the latest firmware. Yet Fuse+ plays some collections in reverse order (last to first)! Very frustrating when trying to listen to classical works but even more so when it’s an audiobook!

What next? Other then returning this thingy to the store?

Change the genre of anything that does not play in the correct order to Podcast.  This is perfect for audio books.   You would have play your odd music albums in the book section.  I have not had this happen to any music yet,  just audio books.  

It would be nice to know of music is this downloaded music or something from a CD.  It would be my guess that someone has discovered a way to send us bugs:wink:.  It could be the system that is being used to make MP3.  This problem may need to be addressed with the source of our odd files.  It would be great if Sandisk would take on the source. 

I too had problems with the tag software download.  There are at least two versions of the software and the do not work or look the same.   Be careful.