song order issue

just got my fuze+ to upgrade on my original fuze which reached database capacity but otherwise was perfectly fine. its a 16gb with the 32gb microsd i used for my fuze. i already upgraded to the 1.32 firmware.

i havent done a thorough check but one of the first problems i did notice, when i put the 32gb stick into the fuze+ has to do with double albums. the songs are sorted in the wrong order. i manually fixed all my tags via mediamonkey. for double albums i have tagged them as disc X, track X. they all came out in the right order in the original fuze.

so the songs come out in the fuze+ in the order Disc 2 Track 1; Disc 1 Track 1; Disc 2 Track 2; Disc 1 Track 2 etc. so if i play The White Album it plays Birthday first then Back in the USSR and so on.

is there a setting that i missed where it’s sort by disc then track number, or even sort by filename (since i have birthday named 18 - Birthday) ?