Why Fuze+ read tracks from multi-CD Album in a wrong order ?

I have just bought a Fuze+ and when I try to copy multi-CD album, the tracks are read in a wrong order which is quite painful if you are listening Opera !

Same Album will be read in the right order on a Fuze

I’m using MediaMonkey to copy the files, and I have checked that each file has right CD and Track number

My Fuze+ runs latest version 1.32.00

Do you know what goes wrong and how this can be fixed ?

Multi-CD or compilation albums can be a real pickle when loaded on any portable device, since the device has access to every individual CD when loaded.  When the main track database is built after loading them to the Sansa, things can go awry.

I have run into this issue a few times, with different causes in each case.  Sometimes, in a compilation album, the tag data shows a different artist first when listing the albums.  This can be remedied by editing the ID3 tags to show the original album artist name.  For example, one track may list Bob James and Earl Klugh, and the others are simply Bob James.

Media Monkey has a very good tag editor, have a look at the track listings to see if they can be tweaked, then the album (edited first) retransferred to the device.

i also recommend MP3Tag, a great editor.

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Thank Bob for your quick reply,

I understand your point, but since the same Album will be read in the right order on the Fuze, It looks more like a bug on the Fuze+

In addition I have checked that all fields are the same (artist, album, year…); and when accessed from MediaMonkey all files looks in the right order and if I read the content of the Fuze+ through MediaMonkey it is in the right order

So definitely it looks like a bug, but I have not found yet any workaround


I see.  Media Monkey should be set to write in ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 (Latin-I) format.  Sorry, I’m enjoying coffee outside after mowing the grass- Media Monkey resides on the terminal my daughter is solving the problems of the cosmos on, at the moment, but I’ll double check the settings in a wee bit.

The original Fuze had issues with the tags being anything but the above format, but track order sorting may be a little different on the new Plus platform, I must agree.  It’s possible that you could try setting up a playlist of one of the albums, then try accessing the playlist to see if it runs in the correct order. Come to think of it, I should try that with an existing album to see if I can flip-flop a few tracks.  I would think that the playlist (I’ll try with a pla format one) sort order should bypass the normal sorting regimen.

See how it goes?  My weekend populates itself with things to do.  I even discovered that the mower’s fuel tank was dry after going 20 feet.

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I have created a playlist, which I copied on the Fuze+, but I still have wrong order and out of the 21 tracks copied on the Fuze+ (in ogg format) only 19 are displayed on the screen


Ay caramba!  I would think that the playlist sort order would take precedence.  I’ll have to try this on a few different platforms, the Clip+ and maybe the e200, to see if it works.  I’ll let you know…

Bob  :angry:

I have even renamed the files by using 101, 102, 103  for CD 1 track 1, 2, 3  and 201, 202 for CD2 track 1, 2

But when I read the tracks 201 comes before 101


MediaMonkey makes a workaround for this quite easy.  First, sort the files from top to bottom in the order they should be played (first sort by track #, then by disc #.)  Once this is done, highlight all tracks and click tools, scripts, Auto-increment Track #s…"  For good measure clear the disc # field once this is done.

Note: if you mess up, there is no quick undo, so you might want to back up the music elsewhere before you do this.

Also, 1.32.00 is not the latest firmware, but I’m quite sure an update won’t fix your problem.

Hopefully Sandisk will just fix these weird tag things, but I am confident this workaround will work for you until then.  Let me know if you need more help.

Hello fellow forum folks,

I recently modified my ripped tracks from being Album CD1, Album CD2 with tracks 01, 02, 03, etc. to one folder called Album and renumbering tracks 101, 102, 103, 201, 202, 203, and so on.  Then re-tagging, in WinAmp, with the “discnumber” tag to indicate the original CD number and removing the “CD1”, “CD2” from the “albumname” tag.

This was fairly straighforward and the media players I use, the afformentioned WinAmp on Windows as well as Rhythmbox on Gnome (Ubuntu) work - and Rhythmbox gets its music via a FreeNAS DAAP server too, and still works with the right ordering!

However, like others here, my Fuze+ 16GB in Henry Ford Black does not honour the “discnumber” field or take relevence of the 101-style numbering - in fact it plays in order of 201, 101, 202, 102, 203, 103!  It appears to just look at the internal “tracknumber” tag and somehow orders around that.

While I’m sure the various work-arounds will make the Fuze+ order tracks in the way expected, the fact it “just works” for the other players I use means I’m not so inclined to follow them - this is clearly a firmware issue for SanDisk coders to fix.

And for those who like automation, here’s a quick-fix for renaming en mass in DOS:

C:\Music\Artist\Album CD1\> for %i in (*.*) do (ren “%i” “1%i”)

Note the %i (“percent aye”) in the first two and 1%i (“one percent aye”) in the last.  Substitute for “2%i” for CD2, and so on.  This will zap your files 01 to 101, 02 to 102, etc. but will result in just 1 becomming 11 and 10 becoming 110 if you do not have leading zeros on single digit track numbers.

Sorry I cannot offer any fix for this issue.  I’m just hoping I can add to the list of people asking upon SanDisk to address this issue.

Best regards,