Reinstall Sansa Fuze

HI all, My Sansa Fuze isn’t recognized by Rhapsody or my PC. 

When I installed the Fuze it installed it but gave me a message that it was not installed properly.

Is there a way I can UNinstall the Fuze so that my PC will go through the install process again when I connect it? 

I’m on XP.

Basically nothing happens now when I connect the fuze.  I’m in Auto USB mode.  When I connect in MSC mode, it is recognized as a drive but I’m not able to transfer To GO files to it in Rhap.


hit window+pause/break go to the device manager and remove anything with a warning icon next to it

Thanks.  But under device manager I do not have any conflicts and I do not see the Fuze listed anywhere when connected.

Let me revise that previous post. I found a conflict for a ‘USB Mass Storage Device’ and then disabled it.  I connected the fuze again, it did the install but again said there was a problem installing the device properly.  I see the conflicting Mass Storage device listed again.  I don’t see any mention of the sansa any where in device manager.

How do I get the Fuze to install properly?

Don’t select “disable”.  This is only telling Windows that it’s OK to ignore the device.

Select uninstall , unplug (reboot couldn’t hurt), then plug in after the PC is booted fully.

If MTP is selected, you will see the Fuze listed under portable devices , or in the USB root hub.

Right click on the device and uninstall.