Refurbished C100 - No software or instructions

I just purchased a refurbished c140 SDMX5 player and it came with no documentation whatsoever!  Thinking this must have been mispacked I went back to the store and discovered that they all seem to come that way, with the expectation that the customer will go to the website (not even given on the box) and I could not find the download SW for drivers for my Windows 2000 or XP PC although the box indicates it is compatible with that as well as Mac OS 10.  What is the story here?  Am I overlooking something?  I keep getting waltzed around the website but no C140 stuff!

HELP Please!

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well the first issue is that you got it refurbished, store left you in a bad state. You dont really need anything in the box though, to be completly honost. Maybe sansa media converter if you want to put pictures on it, but i personally wouldnt be using the c100 for that. Besides that, theres the manual on the website.

Any questions you have though can probably be answered by the how to vidoes sandisk has on its website.

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Dear Friend,

i have the same problem. could u tell me that how you solved this? thanks in advance


in order for the player to work in MTP mode you will need at least Win XP and WMP 10 or later. in a win 2000 system you may be able to use MSC mode but it is not supported.