C100 - Not recognized in MTP mode

I bought a C140 off the net, not knowing the driver cd didn’t come with it.  I know, mea culpa.  I have Win XP SP2, and when I plug the device in, it tells me over and over and over “Found New Hardware MTP Device.”   I can’t get past this.  Please help!!!  How do I get my computer to recognize it without the driver?  I also have WMP 11.  Thanks for any help.

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mtp troubleshooting is a pain.

The drivers dont come with the cd becuase sandisk doesnt have the rights to microsoft drivers, at least thats my guess.

what about in msc mode? does it work then? you can try right-clicking the device in device manager and selecting uninstall.

Why on earth would you want to use MTP mode anyway?  It forces you to use Media player, a program you should delete from your system.  Just turn on the device, go into settings and change the USB setting to MSC.  Then you can use it like any normal flash drive.

I had the same issue and could not find the drivers to save my life. Do whatEnigma mentions MSC modes does tend to work sometimes…

But mine won’t show album art in MSC mode. Is there a way around that? I have windows media player eleven and when the c140 is connected to the computer, it just says on the LCD “MTP Connected”. I’d like it to show album art…can anyone help me with that? Thanks.

Hey dude,

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