Hi Speed 2.0/C140

I hope somebody here can advise.  I don’t seem to have the “hi speed USB 2.0 port controller” on my computer, even though it’s fairly modern –  Win XP SP2, 1.6 mhz P4, WMP 11, etc.  I get a message that the c140 will perform more slowly without this 2.0.  However, it won’t perform at all.  The computer just tells me over and over with that annoying “pop” sound that new hardware/mtp device has been detected.  Do you think the 2.0 issue is the problem?  I checked device manager etc. and none of the USB ports say enhanced or 2.0 or anything.  Or do you think I just got a dud of a player and should ask for a replacement?  I can’t get past the “mtp device detected” thing.


2.0 isnt required.

probably not a dud, atleast not yet. Try it on a different computer to check if it works, your probably missing the mtp drivers liek it says. switching it to MSC mode might solve this quickly for you.

I don’t have another XP computer to try it on.  I’m sorry, I don’t know what MSC mode is? :cry:  Is that safe mode?  Thanks a lot for the help!

on the player itself you can go to settings>usb mode / mode , and sleect MSC as opposed to MTP or Plays For Sure

Got it -  worked like a charm!  thanks a million!