C100 - Computer does not recognize my device

HELLO! My Sansa c140 does not ignite and my PC does not recognize it, I need to driver but not as it is and for these things of the technology I am somewhat useless, if somebody helps me I need that it says to me how and when to make the things. I feel if what to write not this good, I am of Guatemala and uses a translator. I hope somebody can help me.  :cry:

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The player may be frozen on the sandisk screen, if so, you have to contact sandisk by email for a solution

Flip the battery (put it in the wrong way) for a couple of seconds, press the power on button, then flip the battery back and insert it normally.

My computer doesn’t recognize my c140 either.  It only says “Found new hardware MTP device” over and over in the tray.  The battery flip thing didn’t change anything.  Please help … :cry: