refreshing media often during playback

I have a sandisk 16g card with all of my mp3 files on it. The player is clean. I use my fuze almost daily at work and lately it has been interupting playback to refresh media very often. It does this atleast once an hour during playback. I have about 3000 songs on it, so it is no where near full. Is there anyway I can get this to not stop during playback to refresh media?

Is it in a pocket? I think what’s happening is that the left side is getting squeezed, slightly loosening the microSD card, and then it refreshes. This also happens to me when I push down on the outer edge of the << button–the card is slightly dislodged, and has to refresh.

It’s a design flaw. The card shouldn’t be right where you’re pressing on the button. 

See if you have the same problem with the Fuze on its back on a solid surface, not being touched.