Problems with the microSD card slot.

I bought the Fuze when it first came out (and maybe that is my problem) and it has been great. There are things that I want it to do that it doesn’t, but I figure that will come with time. The new firmware has done alot of things that I needed fixed, but the one problem that I have had for several months: Anytime I bump the side that has the microSD slot (i.e. it gets bumped by something in my pocket, or I try to press back) it goes to “Refreshing you Media”.

Why is this? Do I need to buck up, go without a mp3 player for a while, and just get the thing replaced?

Well, as far as I understand, the player is not really off, when its turned off, but still does some things. One of those things is to watch, if you take the microSD out. If you take it out, you could have put some additional files on it, that then have to be registered in the song database. So it just checks this.

Maybe some of the contacts in the slot of your Fuze aren’t so good anymore, so that any bump makes the Fuze think you may have taken out your card.

This could be the first sign of your microSD slots slow death. Or it could be just normal. I couldn’t reproduce it with my Fuze (just with bumping). But if it is normal, then maybe sandisk can make a fix for that. If the detection is done in software, then it should “ignore” the card taking out, if it is shorter than, say, 1 second. That should be reasonable and filter out any misdetections due to bumps.

It does this even when its on, which is even more problematic. I think it must be possible to fix this in software. The questions is if sandisk takes this issue serious enough to take action.

@algaris wrote:

Anytime I bump the side that has the microSD slot (i.e. it gets bumped by something in my pocket, or I try to press back) it goes to “Refreshing you Media”.

Sounds like the uSD is becoming disconnected and reconnected. My guess is the uSD slot is unwell. But it could be the card. Have you a spare you can try?

I have had an e260v2 with uSD slot problems. The card retention was very poor. A small touch would dislodge the card and it would ping out (at high velocity!). Eventually the catch gave up entirely & blocked the slot. I’ve just got a replacement on RMA.

I’d get it replaced before the guarantee period expires if you can…

Make sure the card is actually clicked into the slot. You may have to use your fingernail to push it in all the way until you feel the latch engage. 

If you don’t plan to remove the card often, you could put a piece of tape over the the card slot to help hold the card in. This might help. It is worth a try. Other than that, there are no easy answers. As someone else suggested, you might have a card that is defective or that has dirty contacts. Trying a different card would be a good idea.