MicroSD card unseats itself

Hello everyone. 

I’ve enjoyed my Sansa Fuze for about 7 months without complaint.  However, in the last few weeks, I’ve noticed that, if I brushed my finger pasts the SD card (i.e., gripping the sides of the Fuze to turn on/off the power or change tracks), the Fuze would begin “Refreshing Your Media.”   This problem has now exasperated to the point that a light touch of a finger or cloth is enough to cause this reaction.  Thus making my Fuze about as useful as a plastic skipping stone.


Is anyone else having this issue or have any ideas as to a resolution?  Thanks ya’ll for your time.

The card slot is a weak point on the Fuze. If I press the << too hard at its outer edge, it also unseats the card. Mine’s more than a year old.

It doesn’t make sense, but do try formatting (after you save all your music). This made my card slot somewhat less sensitive. 

Otherwise, you have a one-year warranty. Now’s the time to call 1-800-SANDISK and use it.