Constant "Refreshing your Media"!

Don’t know what happened but after modifying one tune today and re-loading it back onto the Fuze, I have had constant Refresh headaches.

Many times I get more than one Refresh screen after making changes but this is getting a little ridiculous.  As soon as it stops it just starts all over again.  I DID get the tune to play for about 3 minutes after the first two refershes tonight, but now I’m trapped in Refresh limbo.  Just started a refresh right in the middle of playing and now it’s gone bananas.

Am I looking at having to FORMAT?

Formatting would probably be a good idea.

Do you use external memory?  Maybe the card is disconnecting randomly (which would cause a refresh).  Try taking out the card and putting it back in.

If you don’t use one or if that doesn’t work, then format your player and see if that fixes it. 

The problem just stopped- as strangely as it started.  All day today no problems.

Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

haha hopefully it doesn’t cause you any more problems.

Good luck. 

I’m curious, blackdog, do you have a µSD card mounted?  Sounds like you had an intermittent connection.