Refreshing Database Freeze

I read in a couple of your replies that if you reformat it, it works well again? Well how do you reformat? Please, explain with simple instructions so this newb can do something about it. I’m really scared that it won’t ever work again!

the format probly aint the fix. more likely you gotta bad tagged mp3. delete all  songs using pc. load few at a time till you find it…fix will be on next FW update

The thing is now it won’t work when I plug it into my computer… the message doesn’t pop up where I can put the songs back in or delete them. If that makes sense. So my computer won’t read my sansa anymore and my sansa is frozen at refreshing database. What should I do :frowning:

amkoas said: “delete all  songs using pc. load few at a time till you find it…”

This is an unnecessary waste of time - unless you really need/want to find the offending file(s) to debug the specific reason for the problem, or, just don’t know any better

See the following post (which should probably be a sticky by now):

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To fix the connection issue, you need to force the Clip to connect in MSC mode. Search the forum for the procedure, its been posted many many times.

Once you get it connected again, either retag the files in place on the device itself, or delete all the MP3s from the device and start over (retag your files on the PC though before reloading the Clip if you go that route)

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seems about the same to me… batch rename is faster