My Clip is frozen on Refresh Database


My Sansa Clip 4gb is Stuck on Refresh Database

when i turn it off and then back on it goes back to Refresh Database with the refresh bar empty

i cant get it to do anything

please help


You’ve probably loaded a song with damaged tags. When the Clip tries to read them, it gets stuck.

You should use your favorite program to check and fix the tags. You could also try reloading the songs in small batches to find out which one is bad, but that would be more time consuming.

I think that’s what happened to me earlier. I ended up doing a complete format, both with windows and the player’s own command. I think I’ve isolated what album caused the problem, but I’m not putting it back on until I figure out why it won’t work…weird thing is , MediaMonkey will play it…it’ll freeze the Clip…had me saying, " what the *BLEEP*? " earlier:wink:

If thats it how do I reformate a Clip?

@gamba wrote:

If thats it how do I reformate a Clip?


@tapeworm wrote:

Whoa! 2 or 3 _ HOURS ? Formatting only takes a few seconds. Any longer than that and there’s something wrong! I don’t have a Clip, so I can’t say for sure of there is an on-board Format function in the SETTINGS menu like there is on the Fuze & e200v2’s. If there is, that’s the best and simplest one to use. There is, just in case this method below doesn’t work

The other way is to have Windows do it for you:

  • Connect in MSC mode.
  • Right-click on your player in Windows Explorer.
  • Select Format… from the context menu.
  • Make sure it set for file system FAT32 (should be on by default, but check anyway).
  • Do Not select the “Quick Format” option.
  • Click the Start button.
  • Verify that this is what you want to do and click OK.

Formatting will only delete/erase contenet put on by you, the user. It will not erase the firmware or any needed operating files, so it is safe. You will have to re-laod all of your music, etc. though, which can be a PITA. Thankfully you only have a 2GB Clip so it shouldn’t take long.

_ Good luck! I figured it out with mine and it’s ok now :smiley: _

I seem to recall that earlier firmware versions had problems with ID3 tags which froze the Clip.  If you’re not using one of the last 2 firmwares (see stickies at top of this forum) then I would suggest updating the firmware and see if that doesn’t solve your problem.  You may need to format first and then update the firmware by copying the latest firmware file called m300a.bin (or m300*.bin for the non-Americas versions) to the root of your Clip (Internal Memory in MTP mode or the same level as the MUSIC folder in MSC mode).  Let us know if this helps.

What if when I click on format it says “you do not have sufficient rights”?

Did you try refromatting from the Clip’s Settings itself?

Did you try reformatting from the Clip’s Settings itself?

Did you try reformatting from the Clip’s Settings itself?