Refresh Database Trouble - once again

Hi, I have the following problem - if I switch the Clip on, it got frozen at the “Refresh Database”. Progress bar remains empty. In this condition I can only switch off again. Reset (15sec.) is not possible. After switching off and on the probability that Clip does not hang up is 1 to 10 – this mean I must try to 10x to Device get operable. Annoyingly, not? Does someone have a solution for me? P.S. Format from PC in MSC mode did not bring remedy, SW is 1.01.20E, no music on Clip.

So is the device saying refresh database with no media on it? If not and it’s constantly saying it after you load your songs, then the issue could be with one of your files :dizzy_face: Try transfering a few songs over at a time and see if it hangs. :smiley:

Hope it helps…

Go in via MSC mode and delete the following files from the Clip’s root folder:


MTABLE.SYS is the database and if it is corrupted, deleting it will force the Clip to rebuild at next power up

I have made, as is described, but it has not helped! any other ideas? Is the device broken? with or without .mp3 on Clip - the mistakes remains.

Have you tried to upgrade the firmware again? By copying the FW file to the device, in MSC mode, and then unplugging the USB. There are instructions how to do this, if you search this forum. Or perhaps you already know how.

Also, there may be music “hidden” in the MTP folders, if you connect with MSC - or vice versa. You would need to connect in both modes, and delete all music found.

You can also try to format the Clip from within Windows, in MSC mode.

If those things do not correct it, it sounds like bad flash memory to me - and you should contact SanDisk for what to do next.

If Sansa provides any advice on how to fix this, please make sure you share that, too.

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