Problems with RefreshDatabase

I bought my Sansa yesterday and it was not detected my computer in MTP mode (Media Player 11), so I forced it into MSC mode turning off the player, puting it in the hold position, holding down the center button and pluging it in. It was recognized succefully. After a couple of hours recharging I copied 1 GB of MP3s into the Clip’s music directory. I disconnected the player and since then when I try to turn it on it hangs in the middle (50%) of the RefreshDatabase operation. The player is not recognized by the Windows XP anymore, and even the firmware updater can’t recognize it.

Is there any way to reset it?

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Connect in MSC mode,  and perform a Windows format. Format the device at “FAT”  not “FAT32”.  There is a new release coming in a day or so that should help prevent this problem.

same problem with newest firmware. this thing is giving me a load of problems, sheesh… i never would have guessed.

Holding the power/hold switch up for some number of seconds should reset the unit.

Although it probably didn’t cause your Refresh Database problem, one thing you should know is that ID3V2 tags have to be supplied (not blank) for songs to be added to the Clip’s database.  At least Artist, Album and Title.  I’m not sure about others like Genre.

well i’ve tried 101 times to get this refresh database under control to no avail. I’ve tired no folder hiararchy, and no convert upon transfer within wmp11. The latter gave me trouble on my wm5 phone when files weren’t being converted correctly (or didn’t need to be). Similarly, there are a few tracks I have in cbr mp3 @128 that for some reason or another wmp11 thought they needed to be converted to wma before sync. Anyway, I took those out of the equation, synched my top rated playlist to the clip (all 3,4,or 5 star music I have cataloged in wmp11), but it still freezes after disconnect in update library. If I transfer only a few songs fine, but when I fill up the device (less a frew hundred megs), it happens.

I know that all my music has ID3 tags for artist, title and album. Whether or not they are v2 or v1 is an ardous task to undertake and I think a definite flaw in the design of this thing if that is what causes the freeze-up that I’m experiencing.

I’ve spent a lot of time troubleshooting this player because I like it, but I’m through with this one. I’m taking back to BB for an exchange and if the 2nd one does the same thing, I’m done. Plenty of other players I’ve had play nicely with my system so for this one to be so finicky is unacceptable. Back to the phone on my armband if need be I guess.