Sansa Clip - Stuck on Refresh Database.. Unsure how to get to MSC as is stuck on refresh database...

Hey guys,

I’ve had  look around the forum to no avail… 

Have a new Sansa Clib 4GB … Spend 2 hours sorting a sync list… (Which I didn’t save to a playlist… :cry:)

Upon turning it on I have ‘Refresh Database’ at about 20% that is just frozen on there…

I read about opening in MSC? to find the bad file thats causing this (correct me if I’m wrong)

But can’t figure out how to do anything as it’s stuck on the refresh database…

Went through 60GB of music earlier and really don’t want to have to that again!!

Please help, not so good at techie stuffs



OK I’ve got it into MSC mode - when I open the Sansa Music folder all the songs appear in there, but they do not seem to appear when I turn the Sansa on… ???

If I put more music on there it just goes back to refresh database freeze… Anyone?

Ugh managed to get songs on there, but it’s showing as only 4 songs. When I try to add more it says they are already on there… And in the Music drive the folders are all in there but not appearing hmm ? Help

Go into the clips settings menu and then use the internal system settings to format the player (Sorry It will delete all the music off of the player). Once that completes, make sure you have the latest firmwire. Then download mp3tag (google it) and use it to check the tags of all your files, make sure they are all Id3 tags, and that there are no errors on any of them (sorry this might take a while).Then make sure the clip is in MSC mode. Then use windows explorer to drag and drop the files you want on the clip on to the clip. Disconnect, and then turn it on. Let it refresh the database (Dont touch anything). If you have music that you know is DRM protected you will need to plug the fuze back in and use Windows Media or another similar program to add these files. Hopefully this gets you going.

Hmm, I really don’t know what’s happened here, but I’ll throw some thoughts around…

Strange… the normal case when you’ve added files in one USB transfer type and then switched to another type is that you’ll be able to play all files in your player, but you won’t see the files (using Windows Explorer or other device) via your computer. In your case, it’s the other way around, it seems.

The two things I can think of is formatting the player and/or reinstalling the firmware (if it’s gotten corrupt somehow).

I did a search for “format” and found this thread. Of course, formatting will erase your files on the Clip.

But maybe trying a firmware update/reinstallation would work…?

/me no know…  Good luck!


[edit: I must have written quite slowly… someone else had time to write about formatting/firmware updates before I posted my entry. :-)]

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Ok going to go through that, done the format. Checking for updates - did the firmware yesterday so that should be OK yes? Though at the mo it’s saying no Sansa product has been recognized and it’s plugged in. what is windows explorer to drag and drop?

You didnt format with windows did you? If not GOOD! Check out the Firmwire update thread, and do an update manually. It couldnt hurt to redo it. Windows explorer for drag and drop is another transfer method. Open the folder on your PC where your music is stored, then go to “My Computer” and open your Clip, like its a hard drive, find the Music folder, then go back to the place where your music is stored, highlight the files you want on the clip, right click and choose copy, then go back to your clip and paste them in your music folder. This is the way many Fuze users perfer to transfer, I dont know how many people do it with the clip.

Oh ok, yeah thats what I call drag n drop :stuck_out_tongue: Yah I was in the firmware thread yesterday and got the updater from there. I got the MP3tag thing but not sure how to use it lol.

Click a track, The Tag info comes up on the left, make sure it is right, and then click the save icon (a little disk like every Windows program). If there is a problem fix it, then Save. If you look at the Tag column make sure they all say, ID3v2.3, or ID3v2.4, if not, edit the tag and then save it and it should update.

OH cool I can just paste that tag onto the ones that don’t have it? (Seriously thinking of putting this up for sale… So hard to work!)

Once you get it going it is super easy. You just have to get it there and you are close. I think the issue with the Freeze that you started with was related to one of two things, a bad firmwire install, or a bad tag. You are fixing those things now. The missing songs could be caused by a few things but probably the most common are errors in the sync process, thats why the switch to drag and drop. Sick with it till you get thru the steps we are working thru right now, this could solve your problems, and if it does you are made in the shade. If not Take it back to the store, or Call SanDisk Support because you probably have a Lemmon.

Woohooo must have been the tags (143 disppeared but go figure)

Oh well, I learnt how to put it in MSC and drag and drop, reformat when its being nasty, got the tag editor - just copying and pasting the tag ids to ones that don’t have it yes? (Not putting WMA files on…) How to fix refresh stuck thing and where to get the firmware… Finally I have music!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! (I was so close to throwing it out the window just then haha) 

One other thing, If you rip CDs dont rip to WMA files do MP3s. You can look that up using the search feature on here, or post a new question.

Thanks again! Got a feeling I will be spending a bit of time here :slight_smile: Now to go and clean the house - was putting of doing it til I had music on the clip to plug into my amp lol. No music no cleaning tis my rule :smiley:

Im a long time Audiofile and a Technofile, No music or laptop, no nothing, I cant sleep with out my Fuze, I dont even get out of bed with out turning on my TV or my fuze, (Fuze is my primary player) I cant sit thru a meeting without my clip, and I have a slotmusic player in my office. So as you can see… No music = blob!