Frozen Refresh Database

After disconnecting from my PC the player is frozen on Refresh Database.  The only thing that I can do is power off which resets the player and loses everything that I just transferred.  Is there a fix for this?

Ok…here is what I think might fix it. 

1.  Hard reset the device by sliding the power button up and hold there for 10 seconds.
2.  Force device into MSC mode (slide the power button back into HOLD mode and press-n-hold the center button while plugging in the PC)
3.  Format the device under FAT16/FAT32
4. Unplug from PC
5. Plug back in your PC to upgrade to the latest firmware:
6. Once you’ve finished upgrade your device, unplug from PC and wait for the process to finish
7. Do a final format using the Format option under Settings and then use it again to see if it solves your problem

My son’s had the same problem.

After looking over a bunch of posts here on this forum, last night I ended up fixing it by doing this…

I hooked it up to my XP computer, and the computer didn’t see it.  So, I hooked it up to my son’s laptop that runs ME, and it was recognized, so I reformatted it using the computer (this was the only way I could do it, because the player was so locked up it would never get past refresh database, no matter what). 

That got the player to the point where it would get to the menu.  I then reformatted it via the player’s utility. 

While that was going on, I downloaded WMP 11 on my XP computer.

Then I hooked the player up to the XP computer and copied over the new firmware. 

I then sync’d the player to WMP 11 and it’s working fine now. 

I think there was a bad file or something, because the player was fine until my son tried to copy over a bunch of old songs not using WMP.

Yes…it is a bug with the Clip on handling bad mp3 file…I think this will be addressed with the new firmware since there are many complaints already…well, it’s good that you had it working…have a great holiday.

what inside info you got, since sansa support isnt aware of such a fix in future FW? if youre on staff, say so…  if you really dont know, i think it would be better for this user to add this to his fw requests to raise priority…  this would be good, tag handling seems a little flakey on this.  and by “little” i mean terribly… and unpredictably

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Yeah I think it’s better that we all tag our problems so that SanDisk support might notice it and request for future firmware updates. 

How do I format the device under FAT16/FAT32?  I am not familiar with where to find that and I don’t think I will know how to upgrade the firmware either.  Can you give detailed instructions for me?  I am not totally computer illiterate but maybe a little.

in msc, ya right click the thing select format

btw, format aint gonna fix this… and we all know it

The problem seem to be in the amount of music you’re loading before ejecting & unplugging it from the USB cord.

I was able to load 150MB of songs and unplug without any problems.  It finally froze at the “Refresh Database” screen when I loaded about 200MB and unplugged it.

Hope this helps. And I know this is a tedious process if you have a huge library of music. But at least it works.


*Using Windows 2000 Pro, all MP3’s.

maybe thats your prob. (doubt it) but thats not THE prob… never seen any doc that said so, and it does not affect me. on the other hand load just one bad tagged file and youre stuck.

Well, he only was downloading about 20 songs (maybe 80 mb) when my son’s locked up, so I don’t think this was the problem.

After updating to the new firmware and sync’ing to WMP11, it let me download 50 songs, no problem.

It’s not as simple as just how much you load at one time.  I’ve loaded 500 meg at once and it worked fine.  Then I loaded about 100 meg and it locked up.  Removed all those from the second load and it was fine.  Reloaded the same songs in small lots until I isolated it to a single offending song (I have 2 songs that I know will lock the clip up).  A time consuming pita.  If I load that one song - it locks up, everytime.   That song plays fine on my iPod and on the PC (Linux) with mplayer, xmms and mpg123.


Just thought I’d give a little feedback.  All I did was format my device and then I tried transferring my playlist again and it went through fine…so, it worked for me.


amkaos :  " btw, format aint gonna fix this… and we all know it "

actually a format will fix this. The reason being is that the database got frozen on a corrupted mp3 so if it’s no longer there then it won’t freeze.

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I was asked for the song that causes the lockup and when I loaded it to verify, it no longer locks up.  I have done the .18 upgrade since this was written.  It clearly fixed something for me.


review the prob, review my reply, rethink yer post… your idea will get the clip  and user in an infinite loop…

barret:: review the prob, review my reply, rethink yer post… your idea will get the clip  and user in an infinite loop…

I experienced such blocking “refresh database”, it was due to some broken (or unsupported) ID3 tags in a .mp3 file. It was hard to determine what was the issue exactly, I’m not sure if some Genre codes are blocking or if it was the ID3 tags that were broken in some way, anyway, but I ended removing a Genre ID3 tag and it did solve the problem.

What I’d suggest is trying the .mp3 w/ no ID3 (v1 or v2) tag at all, and if it works, try to re-introduce them. At least to know if your locked refresh phase is due to ID3 tags.