"Refreshing database" message when powering off

I was turning off my Clip today when it showed in the display, “Refreshing database”, and the bar went across in the display just like it does after new songs have been loaded.  So, I had not seen it do this from just turning it off and I was wondering has anyone else had their’s do this?  I think it was right after I had deleted a song, or I was accidentally pressing the volume at the same time I had the power switch in the power off position.   


The USB setting is still set to MSC, I believe.

Did you happen to add any MP3 files to the device when it WAS last connected? If so, this is possibly due to a known issue related to certain id3 tags, see this thread for some background:


And this one for a workaround: http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=clip&thread.id=1764

I believe Sansa will be correcting this issue, and the “minimum volume” issue, and possibly more - in the next FW release, slated for approx. the end of January

Have you tried the “10 second power cycle / reconnect in MSC mode” recovery method? If you can connect the device this way (search the forum for instructions how to do this) then you can delete files from the device, or “format” it, there could be a corrupted file causing the failure to re-build the database…

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